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She Has The Audacity

May 15, 2024

Your passion leads you to the work you are here to do.


Meaghan Beams is a mother, entrepreneur, and leading infant caranio-scaral therapist. Her journey of caring for others began as a hairdresser and led her to the deep work of supporting infants to begin their lives feeling good through craniosacral therapy and teaching other practitioners to do the same.


Meaghan shares how she was determined to pursue her passion for holistic healing and build a successful craniosacral therapy business, about facing challenges like leaving her young children to attend training. Meaghan’s journey reflects her focus on prioritizing her desire to positively impact the lives of infants and their families and those who care for them through gentle and nurturing care.

In this episode we also talk about:

✨ Finding and following your passion

✨The importance of holistic healing and paying attention to the connection between physical, emotional and social factors of health.

✨ The importance of positive self-talk and  loving kindness when learning something new 

✨Why gentle support is often all you need

✨Choosing to Lead and take the first step 


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